Leasing Services

The value of your multifamily property hinges on the placement of responsible tenants. Unforeseen vacancy can seriously impact cash flow and renting to the wrong tenant can not only cost you lost rent but ripple throughout the building and create a negative living experience to surrounding tenants.

When it comes to leasing; UNLIMITED Residential provides you with the expertise, marketing, and exhaustive background checks you require when renting your property.

We have a 99% success rate and offer a 1-year guarantee on new leases. (We have not had to evict a single tenant placed by UNLIMITED Residential in 5 years)

Case Study: When a new build property was 27% vacant after 1 year of opening, UNLIMITED was brought in to lease up the remaining 27 apartments in just 9 weeks. UNLIMITED Residential Living and its team signed 3 leases a week to qualified applicants with top credit scores and professional working backgrounds. Open Houses were held 4 -5 times weekly and over 100 calls came in daily due to the committed efforts and marketing.