Handy Man Subscription Service for Landlords.

We believe that we have created a business model that offers superior service.

Owners are able to opt into our full service maintenance subscription which provides them with a staff of handy man; which replace the ongoing need for live in staff, superintendents and contractors for small insuite and building maintenance issues.

This program, (less then the cost of a on site super) saves you money; provides faster response times to tenant work orders and better service overall as we higher quality trades.

It is that simple!

Tenants call into our service line - which connects them to a project coordinator that oversees work orders, scheduling and maintenance.  The project coordinator schedules the corresponding trade, provides tenants with a "work completed" window, and then follows up with the tenant after our trade closes the work order to ensure 100% satisfaction. 


No More Expensive Trades for Small Jobs!

Changing a tap is easy, paying a plumber a full rate to do it is not!
Our subscription service covers tenants small repair requests at a fixed cost to the landlord. No more unexpected bills or high contractor costs.

Control your bottom line!

Just like when you rent a hot water tank; our subscription service "fixes" your repair costs to a monthly fee.

Whether we are called 1 time, or 100 times in a month - the only variable to your business is material cost.

You can still manage your property!

You are a small landlord; you have 1 or 2 or maybe a couple apartments/single family homes that you manage yourself and rent out for investment purposes.

You cant afford a property management company to eat up all your profits on fees... let alone give up a unit for a superintendent! We have you covered. We take care of the small stuff without breaking the bank!

Services Include!

Plumbing Services: 

- Minor Clogged Toilets/Drains 

-Leaky Shower/Tap repair/replace

- Change shower cartridges


- Fuses

- Smoke detector replacement

Handyman Services: 

- replace handles/hardware/hinges on doors, cabinetry -replace broken doors -caulking 

 - repair baseboard and trim 

- repair tiles, replace broken tiles

 -patch/plaster/repair walls/cielings

 -paint repairs (corner to corner)  
- Repair/Replace/Patch hardwood/Vinyl

and more!

Preventative maintanance is key - thats why landlords call UNLIMITED