The value of your investment property hinges on the placement of responsible tenants. Unforeseen vacancies can seriously impact cash flow.  

UNLIMITED Residential markets your property across social media, within the buildings and on every major apartment lising service including but not limited to Kijiji, PadMapper, GottaRent, ViewiT and WalkScore.

Your property is marketed, promoted and updated weekly to ensure it is on the first page of every website, with showings daily, and open houses weekly.

(We rent apartments on average in just  2 weeks!)

Our Leasing Agents, act as an applicants first contact with your property, do all showings, background checks and make sure we rent to only the  most qualified renters.


Renting to the right tenant; takes time, due diligence and alot of experience.

One bad tenant can sour the other tenants - negatively impacting their rental experience. (one bad apple)
During our professional tenant selection and screening process anyone who is interested in renting the unit or house will be screened using the following methods:

  • Proof of employment and income
  • Credit check
  • Confirm the tenant’s references
  • Verify the length of time they stayed at their previous residence
  • Criminal background check (if requested)

After collecting and verifying all the information we submit the results to the homeowner (unless otherwise directed) for final decision to either accept or reject the application. 
Upon acceptance of the applicant, we will execute the lease agreement, coordinate occupancy and arrange for possession and keys.