Suite Turnover

Offering up to date and quality apartments are without question a great way to boost the value of a property over the short and long-term. At turnover, it is key to spend dollars in the right way, so the work invested pays off in the long run.

At UNLIMITED Residential, we believe in renovating apartments to a higher quality and higher standard.

Though we work with all our owners to build their units to a spec that they are happy with, we provide insight and long term solutions to ensure your properties are renovated to better then market standard, and are built with durable/ tenant friendly materials that will be sourced and can be replaced for years to come.


Rental Value

When you renovate your suite, you will see Increased rental value and a great return on your investment.
Our investments see a 15-20% return.  

Tenant Value

We offer quality apartments, because we believe it  tends to increase the quality of the tenant.
The right tenant will care for their new suite, and ultimately protect your investment.

Equity and Resale Value

Every improvement project that you invest as a landlord, ultimately improves your property value, as will the higher rent that you command from with better quality apartments


Natural Wood/Stone/Marble tones

With the right tenants, ceramic tiles and kitchen cabinetry should last over 10 years. 

So, choosing the right color palate is key to having them "look and feel" modern and new long after they are installed.

That is why we choose colors that withstand trends or fads, and will age better. 

Our standard UNLIMITED spec cabinetry is a solid wood cabinet, finished in a high quality stain, that can be replaced if damaged or sanded and restained if scratched.

Our standard UNLIMITED spec tiles are a white marble porcelain tile or high quality ceramic; that can be sourced for years to come, should a tenant crack or break. For years, we have minimized tenant repair costs due to our choice in material that allows easy replacement


While we use a calcatta white marble porcelain tile for our floors and tub surrounds, we work with landlords to provide a standard look for their bathrooms that will age well with time, and be replaceable should it be damaged from a future leak.

Plumbing should always be done upon turnover to upgrade old plumbing (eliminating possible leaks) 

update with new features and finishes

while lowering water waste, usage and utility bills.


 Laminate and carpet, are generally the worst materials you could put in your rental property.

UNLIMITED Residential renovates in quality, water resistant vinyl wood planking, ceramic or hardwood that can be refinished. 

Water pipes, dogs, and furniture are your floors worst enemy. One damaged laminate plank in the middle of a floor could result in thousands of dollars in repair work.

Carpets are considered 1 tenant turns, which means, budget to replace that carpet when that tenant moves, because unless they are extremely careful, that carpet will need replacing when they leave.

A water resistant vinyl woodstyle plank is stronger, more resistant and can be replaced 1 plank at a time... resulting in cheaper repairs...rather then a full replace. 

Hardwood floors (while a little bit more expensive) that can be sanded and refinished can also provide you with years and years of service before needing a complete replacement.

Do IT ALL in the Suite Turn

If the wall is open, do it all before you close it back up.

We believe if you are updating the bathroom,  you want to make sure that your investment lasts long term. Too often, Managers spend thousands of dollars renovating a unit, but forgetting to replace the rotting pipes behind the wall.

Suite Turnover is not just about the cosmetic detail, its about the infrastructure as well.


LED lights, dimmer switches, low flow toilets and taps all help you recoup your investment faster... its not what you spend, its what you save. 

With UNLIMITED, we make sure that your fixtures, appliances, and furnaces are low draw, working properly and efficiently... 


We renovate with the mindset of doing it once, and doing it right.

We believe we offer units, that are simply the best product on the market and will provide our landlords with a long life; we offer a quality product known for durability, longevity and tenant satisfaction.

Have UNLIMITED handle your next suite turn